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    3 Great Tools for Mobile Data Collection

    November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

3 Great Tools for Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Major players in various industries, are realizing the power of the smartphones that their employees are armed with by default.

Mobile Data Collection

Dramatic advances in technology have lowered the costs associated with using smartphones and tablets to collect information, conduct inspections, troubleshoot equipment or carry out field maintenance. Whether it is a safety audit, inspection report, or even troubleshooting some piece of equipment, apps can now be deployed to most devices to quickly and accurately capture this information.

With so many tools out there, choosing the right one becomes a task all on it’s own. Below we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of 3 mobile data collection tools that can be used for almost any business, with a minimal amount of technical expertise.


Google Sheets and Google Forms

20151130 - Blog - Opus2Mobile - 5 Mobile Collection Tools - Google Forms Responses

The Google Drive suite of tools offer a variety of great features out of the box, allowing users to complete a wide array of tasks fairly easily. Often overlooked, the Google Forms + Google Sheets combo can be a powerful tool for collecting simple information, and getting the information into a Spreadsheet, ready for whatever analysis you need done.

While the Forms + Sheets combo is super quick to get up and running, it does lack some advanced functionality, for example photo taking capabilities, out of the box. This solution is a good choice for those looking to collect basic textual information, and get up and collecting as soon as possible.




ProntoForms takes mobile data collection one step further than Google Sheets + Google Forms and gives you the advanced features that the Google suite is missing. ProntoForms allows for custom form creation using a wide variety of possible inputs.

ProntoForms Data Collection

While this solution does more time and effort to set up and get going compared to the Google Products, it provides a layer of advanced features that definitely make it worth it. For advanced integrations with your existing, you’ll likely get an expert to help you out, but the idea of the product, is to make general use easy for virtually anybody to use.



WorkMobile is very similar to ProntoForms in its offerings. Both bring to the customer the ability to create and deploy forms to mobile devices, and to have that form information saved in a central location. The products differ slightly with respect to pricing, both offering a paid plan for unlimited forms consumption.


Wrapping up

With all products, your business will need to take a step back to determine what information you want to collect and how. However, If you’re collecting information in the field, more likely than not, a mobile data collection tool will bring value to your business and associated processes, in ways that just can’t be done with conventional paper and clipboard.

For those challenges that require a larger solution, or a more industry specific solution, there are definitely products out there to fit the bill. Looking for those, and getting them working is what we do best. Get in touch to find out how we can help your organization move towards a more mobile future.

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