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    5 Must Have Tools for Today’s Mortgage Broker

    December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

5 Must Have Tools for Today’s Mortgage Broker

Managing your mortgage business using just pen and paper is a thing of the past. With so much information being pushed online, it’s becoming more and more important to ensure you and your team have the tools you need to grow and stay productive. Below are five great tools, some free, some paid, that can boost your mortgage business.


Google Drive

Storing your files only on your computer or a physical drive is a thing of the past. Keeping a copy, or even better, working within, an online file storage system, ensures your files stay safe, and accessible from anywhere at anytime. It also provides a level of security you can count on, because, let’s be honest, there is a higher chance of something going wrong on your computer than on Google’s.

Google Drive: a tool to help manage documents

So why Google Drive, and not Dropbox or some other document storage system? Well, starting at only $1.99/month for 100GB of storage, Google Drive offers a fantastic product for one of the lowest price points out there. It also integrates well with Gmail(which is quite popular) and has the same desktop syncing features as Dropbox. Google Drive also offers Google Docs and Sheets, which come in handy when you want to whip up a new document or examine some mortgage scenarios requiring calculations.

For those looking to Google-ize their entire business, there’s Google Apps for Work, which wraps all the benefits mentioned above in addition to customized business email, and company sites and pages, for a great price of $5/user/month. If you’re looking to get this set up, our friends over at Opus2 wouldn’t mind giving you a hand.


Pipedrive: a tool to help manage clients and contacts

Managing clients and the pile of information they bring with them has moved way beyond the trusty Rolodex. The real power is in letting these wonderful softwares compile all of that information and generate for you, reports that you can use to make better decisions. This is what Pipedrive does, and does it well for that matter. Pipedrive is a CRM that allows you to manage all of your deals in an easy-to-use, quick-to-learn interface. It integrates well with your existing email and calendar, and can be configured to send out notifications to you just the way you want. To put the cherry on top, Pipedrive manages to give you all of these features without hurting your wallet, at a price of $12/user/month.


No the name is not missing a letter. Todoist is the future of to-do lists. It takes organizing tasks to another level with sub-tasks, reminders, notifications, and a whole lot more. It packs all of this in a simple to use app that’s accessible from the web, and more importantly, from your mobile phone. Tasks can also be used for collaboration, making this a great organization wide tool, or a simple tool for a single broker. Reporting has also been built into ToDoist, giving you the power to see how productive you and your team are, and allowing you to make decisions to really give your business the boost it needs. You can get to-do-ing for only $28.99/year, which is less than $2.50 a month.

Todoist - A tool to help manage your tasks


Scheduling anything is a simple task that can lead to a complex pain. Calendly soothes that pain with a easy-to-use solution that takes your dynamic schedule, and lets your clients slot themselves in painlessly. Calendly works great for individual users and equally as well for those working in a team.


BrokrBindr: A tool built especially for mortgage brokers to help manage their mortgage businesses

While there are a ton of great tools out there at great prices, there comes a time in a Broker’s career when having the convenience of everything being in one place is worth the price. BrokrBindr does exactly that. BrokrBindr give mortgage brokers the tools to manage their documents, applications, clients and calendars all from one place.

BrokrBindr’s document collection system allows you to collect all your documents from your clients and keep them organized according to those clients and applications. Creating client records and tracking those clients according to their applications is a breeze. Assigning due dates to documents and applications is simple, and can be integrated into your existing calendar. BrokrBindr even manages your task list so you can stay on-top of anything that needs to be done relating to your mortgage business.

You can checkout our pricing page for full list of features and pricing, or sign up for a free trial here.


This post originally appeared on the BrokrBlog.

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